Building Dreams for Greensboro, North Carolina Homeowners Since 1939

Exceeding expectations and delivering an outstanding customer experience was the approach to doing business that W. Herman Weaver operated by when he started the W.H. Weaver Construction Company in Greensboro NC back in 1939. He figured that if he can achieve those goals, maybe he could make it in America’s competitive residential construction industry long-term. In the 80 years since that day, with operations in North Carolina, Tennessee and southwest Virginia, that same philosophy carries the Weaver Investment Company today.

Helping people build the home of their dreams, which included the highest quality of replacement windows and doors, has produced huge growth for Weaver and jobs in the local Greensboro community. In the early 1950’s, the company diversified its service offerings to incorporate commercial and industrial building products. By the 1960s, the demand for Weaver’s service had expanded the marketplace of the company to six southeastern states.

During this time of expansion, Herman’s son Michael began working in the family business. Soon after, the Weaver Company branched out into real estate development, investment and brokerage service, and syndication. Because of this business model change, the company name was formally changed to the Weaver Investment Company.

The residential construction side of Weaver began its partnership with Pella Windows and Doors in 2002. Similar to Weaver, Pella Windows and Doors believes in offering superior quality products matched with expert installation and service since 1925.

On behalf of the entire Weaver Investment Company family, we invite you to visit our Greensboro area Pella showroom to discover what exceeding expectations and outstanding service feels like if you are replacing your windows or doors. Schedule Now!